22 Best Sites to Buy Instagram Story Views (Cheap & Engaging)

Written by Bradley Henris | 03.02.2022

The majority of people are probably already on Instagram especially if they are social butterflies or marketing professionals. This is one of the hot and happening social media platforms that you must make use of. So, now is the time to grab this chance and build a strong presence on social media. But how? The easiest way to up your Insta game is through the Story features.

Buying Story Views is the New Best Idea

Statistically speaking, 500 million users log into their Instagram profiles and use the Stories feature daily. It’s also identified that many users prefer viewing more Stories than spending more time on their Instagram feed.

All these data point towards one thing. Focus on the numbers to amplify your Instagram presence. Then the quickest and most affordable means to have a real boost is to buy Instagram Story views.

Here is a list of sites to use:

1. Insta Growing

Insta Growing is one of the most reliable sites to buy Instagram Story views. This site provides real social signals from live accounts. Plus, you can see the growth instantly within one to two hours after the purchase. Fast and authentic – this is what you want, right?

Many Instagrammers who have availed the services of Insta Growing are uber happy with the results. They have gained more investors and have successfully reached their target audience.

To top off these attractive benefits, there are also very affordable prices. For example, 100 Story views will cost only $0.99. Looking at the largest available package, there’s an offer to pay $19.99 to receive 10K.

Two words to describe their services: cheap and effective.

2. Followers ID

When looking at the best sites to buy Instagram Story views, Followers ID is another great option. They are a team of marketing experts that ensure your order hit the roof quickly within one to twelve hours.

You can honestly sit back and enjoy the numbers increasing. Suppose there are no desired results within the promised delivery time. In this case, the provider has a refund. You wouldn’t need this clause, but shed all worries and reach out to the site if necessary.

They offer top-quality services at budget-friendly prices in terms of pricing. From $1.19 for 100 Story views to $20.39 for 10K, you can shop according to any needs.

3. BuyTopLikes

BuyTopLikes understands that social media marketing is not an easy cakewalk. So they offer the much-needed help for a desired Instagram growth. You can increase Story views as safely and securely as possible at very little expense.

With no bots involved, these guys send actual users hopping onto Stories and engaging with quality content. They make a promise of organic growth, and they fulfill it quickly. This quality and quickness in the services are all you can ask for!

Depending upon how many social signals are needed to buy, the prices will vary from $0.99 to $19.99. Thanks to their commitment and affordable fee, they are one of the best sites to buy Instagram Story views.

4. EarnViews

Say you want to grow popular with your Story views on Instagram. And you want to do this in the most inexpensive but safe way. You can contact this site for your instant social media growth.

You can see guaranteed results within one to two hours of making your purchase. Cheap, yes. Fast, yes. If you are thinking, what more? You will see that your views are from genuine pages. Plus, this site offers free additional signals on every order.

You can pay from $0.95 to $12.75 and receive impressive service. They also have monthly subscription packages at modest prices. So, isn’t it one of the best sites out there?

5. SMQ

They have been in the social media marketing industry since 2016, much before this trend of people wanting to buy Instagram Story views began. So, they know what they are doing, and you can see it from the services they provide you with.

You don’t have to give away password or login credentials, as well as don’t have to pay the big bucks. Instead, you get quality views from followers and users from across the world. Moreover, there will be extra views on each order.

You also get access to the SMQ team any time of any day. Their pricing begins at $8.99 and branches out to $99.99.

6. BuyRealGramViews

Are you looking for quick Insta fame without risking safety? BuyRealGramViews has got everything! They have been in the business for quite a while now and know the real deal of genuine Instagram engagement. You can expect quality, knowledge, and professionalism from this site.

What makes them one of the best sites is that their team is swift in action. You only need to give the exact username and make the payment. Within 10 minutes, the first results will start being seen.

They have a variety of packages to help you achieve Insta goals. Choose to pay anywhere between $0.95 and $31.25 to buy Instagram Story views.

7. SubscriberZ

Anyone looking for quality social media promotion, from influencers to business professionals, wants only one thing – quick visibility. With SubscriberZ, you can make this dream come true.

People who have availed their services have all good words about them. Why? The site ensures that every view of Stories comes from a real Instagram account. And they make sure you meet target views way before Story jumps into the highlights section.

You also get incredible customer care service to ease a way in becoming social viral. From $1.99 to $5.99, their pricing is decent and affordable.

8. InstaUsers

It’s simple – you need real views for real social media growth. If you are going to shell out money to buy Instagram Story views, you want the value for your money. The team at InstaUsers understands your thoughts and works with you to grow your Instagram engagement authentically.

They help you reach out to the right audience within no time and have exclusive support to guide you through the process. Here’s the deal – if you do not get the results, you have a money-back guarantee.

Starting from $0.95 to $32.85, you can consider the different packages as per your needs. Moreover, this site also offers packages to buy highlight views and Story poll votes. Indeed, you have unique options coming your way!

9. PlanYourGram

The reason you’re planning to buy Instagram Story views is to reach your Instagram content to as many people as you can. PlanYourGram assists you in finding these high-quality views very quickly.

They map your Stories to real people across demographics. Ultimately, this site aims to help you gain more attention and more followers. And who wouldn’t want more followers?

For their fantastic service, they charge you between $0.85 to $78.85, depending on the number of social signals you want. You also have the promise of a 20x money-back guarantee.

10. InstaSocials

Instagram Stories last for only 24 hours. So, 24 hours is all you have to get as many users to watch your quality content. While many in the social media marketing industry will help you gain Story views, not all can help you with your specific requirements.

InstaSocials is experienced in handling special Story view requests. Suppose you want your Stories to reach only female audiences. You can tell the site; they will make it happen for you. You will then find your target audience in very little time and ace your game.

The pricing range of this site starts from $2.65 for 1000 views to $27.65 for 50,000 views. You cannot find cheaper options than this.

11. BuyViewsLikes

If you are looking for organic views at best, here is one site that offers it to you. BuyViewsLikes makes your Stories reach existing accounts within one to ten hours of your purchase.

One thing that makes them stand out from the other providers is they help with splitting your views across all your Stories. So you will receive natural growth for your content. It will help boost your Instagram presence organically.

With thousands of satisfied customers, there is no reason you should not go for this site. They also have modest prices starting from $2 for 3K views to $45 for 80K. This site knows how to satiate your needs at cheap rates.

12. InstaFollowers

When your Stories receive more views, more people will interact with you. Eventually, your content will reach the explore page. From there, there’s no stopping you from becoming Insta famous. InstaFollowers is the go-to site to make this mammoth feat possible.

They are safe, quick, and authentic. You do not have to fear seeing a decreased view count before your Story expires. There’s also a refund guarantee, which you do not have to think of.

InstaFollowers charge you from $0.22 to $27, depending on whether you need 100 or 100,000 views. Cheapest, isn’t it?

13. PaySocialMedia

As you think of Instagram promotion for your brand, you need to plan it to have a diverse population viewing your content. PaySocialMedia stands by you to follow through with your plans of widening the reach. With their help, your Stories will be viewed by a healthy mix of genders.

You also have different options and packages to choose from. You can decide if you want views only for your recent Story or views across all your Stories.

Suppose you curate content especially for women. You can opt for Instagram female views. Their pricing range starts from $3.49 and goes up to $34.99.

14. SocialWick

SocialWick gives their word to make you an Instagram sensation. With over 769,000 trusted customers, you can genuinely rely on this site to buy Instagram Story views. They drive quality Instagram views to your account and help you reach the 5K, 10K, or how many views you want.

Subsequently, they will help your account become more visible and strengthen your Instagram presence. Your Instagram videos or posts will then land on the explore page, and that’s how you can grow organically.

15. BuyInstaStoryViews

The name says it all. BuyInstaStoryViews mean real business. This site has helped many brands become successful by increasing their Story views organically. They deliver premium quality views in the quickest time possible, which is why they have earned quite the reputation.

You have the option to customize your plans according to your needs and budget. Plus, they offer extra views to your Stories and give you a real boost.

They charge you $2.65 for 1,000 views and about $42.65 for 50,000 views. But yes, you can always customize your plans.

16. InstaLikes

InstaLikes is a popular service provider for its reliable and professional nature. They deliver fast and efficient results, as and when you want. They do not ask you for passwords or other vital information. So, rest assured that you are in safe hands.

Depending on the number of views you want to outsource, you can pay anywhere between $1.99 and $19.99. With several customers vouching for their credibility, you don’t have to shy from seeking their services.

Besides Stories, you can also work with them to bring traffic to your Instagram videos.

17. BuyCheapestFollowers

What is your target view count? 100 or 100,000? Whatever it is, you can get high-quality views instantly with the help of this site. They are rapid in delivery and help you gain access to real Story viewers.

Whether you are an enthusiastic individual seeking visibility or a business on the lookout for clients, your Story views will skyrocket with their service. They have different packages, so you can choose what you want.

For 100 views, you must pay $0.99, and if you are looking for 50,000 views, it will cost you around $81.49. These prices are competitive and relatively cheaper than other sites.

18. InstaImpressions

Just because you are buying Instagram Story views, it does not mean you have to compromise on your safety. The number one goal of InstaImpressions is to safeguard your privacy while improving your social media presence.

They have a solid and straightforward procedure to buy views. You do not have to register into their platform or go through many hassles to complete payment. Give your username, transfer money through PayPal and let the company work its magic for you.

The pricing range starts from $1.50 for 100 social signals and goes up to $50 for 30K. It only takes 30 minutes to 2 hours for you to see the fantastic results.

19. QubeViews

QubeViews is a top choice among many IG users. This site does not play with fake profiles or decreasing views. They give you accurate numbers, and they do so quickly. So, you will have a natural boost to your Instagram profile.

What’s more appealing is their loyalty to protect your privacy. This site will not reveal any details of your purchase, and this is why you are in safe hands.

Moreover, they charge you very low prices for their excellent service. They have over 10000 happy clients who have witnessed the results and given their testimonials. You can’t go wrong with availing their services.

20. Goread.io

If you’re looking for a site that will help you organically grow your Story views, likes, and following, Goread.io is the ideal choice. They are a team of experts who have curated marketing service packages to quickly up your Insta game.

You can trust them entirely with secure payments, instant delivery, and high-quality services. They have a decent and pocket-friendly pricing range. So, you can save your time and money by availing their assistance.

The prices start at $1.22 for 100 views and go up to $18.99 for 10K. They also have a 24/7 accessible support team to handle any doubts.

21. InstaPalace

Which influencer doesn’t want their profile reaching the sweet little explore page? If you are one of them, InstaPalace is the place you have to be.

They are straightforward in their approach – no personal details required, no false promises given. You will get the results you ask for. And maybe some more, because you can avail multiple Stories support at the rate of one package.

This dreamy offer and the commitment they deliver is perhaps why the business is called InstaPalace. You can buy Instagram Story views from this service at the price range of $4 to $40.

22. Buzzoid

Buzzoid is a one-stop shop not just to buy views but also for likes and followers. It is an uncomplicated and straightforward service with after-sales services that are absolutely unparalleled.

Priced between $2 and $145, Buzzoid provides from 100 to 50000 views with 6 other options in between. Moreover, Buzzoid ensures data protection, 24-hour customer support, instant delivery, and absolutely no requirements for passwords. In case you are unsatisfied with their services, they promise to provide a full refund as well!

A substantial online presence requires a certain amount of authenticity. Being able to acquire a few extra views and likes assures other visitors and viewers of the credibility of your account. And Buzzoid provides exactly that.

Instagram Story Views Guide

Instagram is a thriving space for your brand regarding social media marketing. Sealing your space here is one of your key ways to expand and reach out to more people. From staying in touch with your friends to selling your products and growing your business, Instagram is a sea of opportunities. This excellent platform houses over 2 billion active Instagram users monthly!

Out of the many marketing gimmicks, buying Instagram Story views is considered the best promotion. It helps you extend your network and engage a newer audience.

What are Instagram Story views?

First, let’s talk about Instagram Stories. They are quick slides that will help you share your small but memorable moments and experiences. Each Story could last for as long as 15 seconds.

The number of views your Story gets, (i.e.) the number of times Instagram users have viewed your Story is Instagram Story views.

Why Buy Instagram Story Views?

Story views in your Instagram account will help your brands appear on the explore page of more people. The Instagram algorithm is set so that the more views your Story gets, the more you will reach people.

FACT: Your Stories get a higher engagement rate than your posts! That is precisely why you should buy Instagram Story views.

Here are the top 4 reasons why you should go for this service:

  • Increased viewership ∝ More explore page appearance.
  • Attract new and potential audiences through engaging content.
  • Good content will reach more people only if you get noticed.
  • More views, more reach, more explored page appearance, better conversion.

Can You Buy Instagram Story Views Instantly?

Yes, you can buy Instagram Story views with just a click. There are many top places for you to make such a purchase. Let’s take a quick run-through of how you can do it instantly:

  • Find a suitable place among many social media websites.
  • Select from the different services and packages they offer.
  • Choose the number of desired views you want to get.
  • Fill up the necessary details and make the payment.

And just like that, you have bought Instagram Story views. Now, do your other work or just sit and watch the numbers multiply rapidly. Well, the best sites assure that your viewing rate increases in the next 24 to 72 hours after your payment.

How Do You Get Organic Story Views on Instagram Video?

Getting authentic service is necessary to stand out among your competitors on social media platforms. Instagram accounts count a Story view only when it is watched for 3 seconds or more. So your ultimate goal is to keep your audience/viewer hooked to the Story for at least 3 seconds.

The tried and tested methods to get organic social signals on Instagram videos are:

  • Create engaging, creative, and quality content.
  • Posting regularly.
  • Using stickers and hashtags.
  • Use links.
  • Highlight best Stories.
  • Reply regularly to your Instagram Story DMs.

Another method largely followed is to buy Instagram Story views for both Stories and videos at popular best sites. These reliable sources help you get more views from real user accounts, creating an organic viewership. In turn, you get a promising position on the explore page.

How Much Does It Cost to Get Story View on Instagram Video?

Less than $1, yes! There is a vast market out there with multiple sites offering more video views on Instagram videos at competitive and cheaper prices.

Using this, you could get Story views on Instagram videos by paying less than a dollar. As the rates go higher, the number of potential views you get on your video increases.


Is it illegal to buy Instagram Story views?

Absolutely not! Using paid social signals is entirely legal. It falls within the legal conditions as the country, or Instagram has not banned such marketing services. Your purchase does not affect/harm any user profiles as well.

How will it grow my Story views?

When you buy Instagram Story views, your online presence will get a significant boost. Your Stories will be on the recommended list to new viewers and users who have not engaged or followed your account. In this way, your Stories would get better reach and increased views.

How many Story views do you need to get verified?

Sadly, there is no correct answer to this question. The Instagram algorithm does not tell you any specified number of social signals that will help you get verified. But it’s a relatively general idea that the more followers and authentic reach you have, the higher your chances for the blue tick.

Is it safe to buy Instagram Story views?

Yes, it is safe to order the service. It is entirely legal. So rest assured that everything is safe and secure.

Where to buy Instagram Story views?

There are multiple online sites through which you can buy Instagram views.

Why should you buy Instagram Story views?

As an account new to IG, there is a need to reach more people and get noticed. One of the best ways is to use paid views.

You should buy Instagram Story views because:

  • It is essential to grow Instagram Stories to reach more people and create more conversion rates.
  • It will give you a better position on the explore page.
  • It will help you attract potential consumers to your Instagram profile.
  • It will give you more views, better reach, and ultimately better conversion.

Main Thoughts

The best part of buying Instagram Story views is that it helps you increase your social media visibility. With many real users viewing your Stories, you have an increased chance to get more engagement on your profile.

You can then land on the explore page, reach out to a broader audience, gain more followers, and ultimately become an Instagram sensation. Buying Story views is not illegal, so you do not have to worry about it.

All you have to do is find the best site that works well for you. Choose a package and make the payment. You will be astonished to see your Instagram Story views rise steadily. Rest assured, you will see the magical results in no time.