25 Best Sites to Buy TikTok Followers (Real & Active)

Written by Bradley Henris | 03.02.2022

Growing a large audience can be especially slow and tedious, so you must consider whether your business would be more prudent to buy TikTok followers instead? But which sites should you trust when the market is filled with scores of self-proclaimed authentic sellers?

25 Best Sites to Get Your TikTok Followers From

With so many choices around you, looking for a place to start your research can feel like looking for a needle in a haystack. This article tried to make the journey slightly more accessible for you. Here is a specially curated review list of 25 services you could try out for buying natural and active TikTok fans:

1. InfluBoss

InfluBoss makes it to our favorites for several reasons. Firstly, the site always delivers a few more fans than your order number to ensure there are no unintended drops. Secondly, when it comes to the rapid processing of orders, this is one of the best sites out there. You will never have to divulge your TikTok password. All gateways are encrypted for secure payments, and orders for real and active fans will start filling within 1-6 hours of transaction approval. A small charge of 50 fans will naturally get filled within 15-45 minutes at the very affordable price of $1.19. The site takes about 2-5 days to serve a more significant order for 1000 active TikTok followers, and a package of this size will cost you around $15. In addition to this, the website has exceptional customer service and refill/refund policies that make it one of the most genuine sellers out there where you can securely buy TikTok followers.

2. SocialsUp

SocialsUp, too, has our votes for great pricing, an effortless shopping experience, and customer safety policies. Buying TikTok followers from a site like this is akin to investing in an overall growth service. The followers delivered can all be traced to have real accounts spread all across the globe. You can choose to buy as little as 20 fans here for less than a dollar, while a bundle of 1000 social signals costs approximately $15 here. Rest assured that your account will only gain active users as fans when you buy TikTok followers here. In addition to TikTok, SocialsUp provides services for various other platforms.

3. TokUpgrade

TokUpgrade claims that it can help you boost your account with a growth service that is tailored to your individual needs. The site has been earning rave reviews from satisfied clients. They are a relatively new company, but their followers’ high quality makes them a strong competitor for a position among the best sites operating in this industry. If you want more followers to up your promotional strategies, and to further attract more TikTok followers organically to your account, consider using TokUpgrade. A one-time purchase of a weekly subscription pack of real TikTok followers is priced at $25 (standard) and $35 (premium), respectively. Once your order starts processing, you will see the addition of targeted followers to your account happen in a drip process. Besides, you will also notice an increase in your social media engagement as your account gets put into autopilot mode for organic growth and reach enhancement.

4. GetViral.io

A trusted seller for many returning customers, GetViral.io helps you develop a wholesome TikTok growth marketing strategy by delivering high-quality followers from around the world. The site provides extremely high-quality accounts as fans, which helps boost your profile’s overall social media presence. TikTok users rate it among the best places for buying followers. The fast delivery of orders and outstanding customer support team only add to the great reviews. In addition to TikTok, this site offers excellent services for most other popular networks.

5. Tik-Boost

If you are looking for a credible company that provides instant delivery of growth services, you may want to explore the packages Tik-Boost has on offer. Clients confirm that they have received only high-quality followers from this company, and all purchases here have aided them in improving their engagement rates. Buy 200 TikTok followers for just $4 here. Additionally, the site frequently runs discounts on individual packages. You may get lucky with your TikTok follower package purchase too!

6. InstBlast

TikTokers claim this is another among the best sites for buying followers that improve their overall presence. The quality engagement services rendered here ensure only real TikTok followers are delivered to your account. If you wish to gain more followers that will actively contribute to improving engagement on your content, try InstBlast. If you are unsure of their service quality, the site allows you to try them out by giving 50 social signals free on any URL you provide! There is no sign-up required to avail of this free trial. 50 fans otherwise cost $2.99 here and need a delivery time of up to 6 hours. In case of an unsatisfactory delivery, the site promises a full refund.

7. TikFuel

A company dealing with exclusive TikTok services, TikFuel provides a lifetime guarantee on all followers’ packages. Their quality services ensure dropouts on orders are rare. 100 TikTok followers can cost anywhere between $2 to $8 as the site often runs heavy discounts (they may go up to 70% on their listed price). This package takes up to 15 minutes to get delivered to your account. The site does not provide too much information on the followers’ demographic, but you can always contact support for a detailed break-up before placing any order.

8. Famoid

Clients of Famoid return to purchase signals here for nearly all popular social media platforms they are active on. This company will help you gain followers that enhance your TikTok engagement rates. In other words, the packages here add TikTok followers who will help you grow your reach and reputation. Many claim they have purchased some of the best social signals in the market from Famoid. If you are on the lookout for a wider audience, 100 fans will cost you $3.95 here. You can expect them to start filling up on your fan count within 10 minutes of ordering. All services provided by Famoid have impressive feedback from customers, making them a trusted company for us.

9. FeedPixel

FeedPixel sells paid signals for all popular social media platforms, too, and placing an order here is very similar to purchasing on most other sites. However, buying fans here makes online marketing for brand building much easier as the site offers the option of purchasing TikTok social signals as part of a bundle (with views, likes, and comments) or as is. A typical stand-alone 100 package costs around six dollars here. Buy followers at Feed Pixel if you look for great value at low prices.

10. BuySocialBuzz

Consider shopping for your TikTok followers at Social Buzz for optimal engagement services at attractive prices. This is an excellent site for buying followers with verified accounts, and you can get 200 TikTok followers for $6-7. In addition to TikTok, Social Buzz offers several other services. If you are considering a one-stop-shop for all your social networking needs, you will likely find something here for all social media platforms you use.

11. MediaMister

This is a reputed company for enhancing the growth of your TikTok profile or account on any social media platform, for that matter. MediaMister offers high-quality followers with active, real pages that can only positively impact your TikTok engagement rates. With a great refund/ refill policy in place and excellent round-the-clock client service, shopping here can be a reassuring experience. To buy TikTok followers here, you will first need to fill in an order form with specific information. The website uses this information to find your target followers, so you have an all-around TikTok growth experience. TikTok follower packages start at as little as 25 for $2. The time of delivery depends on the size and specifications of follower requirements, and MediaMister fulfills most small orders within 2 days of purchase.

12. SidesMedia

Make a purchase on SidesMedia to gain followers to bring quality online marketing growth to your TikTok account. This growth service has instant delivery rates on smaller orders. One hundred followers can be bought for 5 dollars, and depending on order traffic, you may see the order fill within minutes of purchase. Even if it takes longer to load, a package of 100 followers is filled within a maximum of 48 hours. The social media services of this site have received excellent customer feedback, which makes SidesMedia another recommended place for buying legit active fans from.

13. Topstik

You can look up the offers on Topstik if you are keen on buying followers on a minimal budgeting strategy. You can get 500 fans for as low as $6. At the same time, clients assert that affordability does not mean the standard of TikTok followers is any lower. You can improve your follower count by purchasing high-quality followers from Topstik without having second thoughts about the company or its social media services. Cheap does not necessarily mean low quality, and customer reviews on Topstik prove this.

14. Viralyft

This is a popular store among TikTok users seeking to enhance their social media presence in a pocket-friendly manner. Buying followers here is incredibly easy, and the customer support team is always around to help should you get stuck at any point in the transaction. A package of 250 high-quality followers costs $ 6.99, while 250 premium TikTok followers cost $9.99. It takes about 48 hours to have all 250 fans delivered to your account. Go for the premium package if you seek a growth service experience with your purchase.

15. FollowerHike

As the name suggests, this is the perfect company to turn to if you want to increase the number of followers for virtual brand building. You can shop here to boost your presence on any social media platform. Buying TikTok followers is relatively easy, and all payment gateways are very secure. In a market teeming with hoodwinkers, this growth service promises to deliver only the best TikTok followers to you. You can get 100 fans delivered within 2 days for just £3.99.

16. SocialPackages

Buy cheap TikTok followers here without worrying about being delivered fake accounts. The growth service is exceptionally cautious about providing only genuine followers in every order. The customer support team here is phenomenal and always available for any questions. A package of 250 TikTok followers here costs $6.50 and has a fast delivery time of 1-2 days. With the use of development tools such as SocialPackages, you will soon gain popularity as desired among your peers on the platform. Buy high-quality followers from Social Packages to enhance your credibility as a content creator.

17. SocialBoosting

A one-stop-shop for all your social media accounts, you can rest assured that the fans you buy from SocialBoosting will only raise your active follower count. As one of the best sites for boosting pages, the company never slips in fake followers to complete orders. Moreover, the customer support team is beneficial and will guide you step-by-step through the entire shopping experience and further help you track your order fulfillment. This is indeed a go-to growth services site for anyone and everyone. 100 TikTok followers cost $5.00 here.

18. FollowerPackages

TikTok users swear by the quality services of this company. If you are looking for more followers to improve your fan count, this might be the right social media site for you. FollowersPackages have a reputation for fast delivery. Buy 250 real TikTok followers for $8.99 here and get guaranteed delivery of your order within 48 hours.

19. Trollishly

Another great company for buying TikTok followers from is Trollishly. Improve your online credibility with more followers on your profile by shopping here. You can get 100 premium TikTok followers within 12 hours for just $2.59 here.

20. PopularUp

Another popular social media growth services provider in the marketplace, you may want to place your order for fans here to boost your TikTok account. The incredibly low pricing here should not worry you about being sent fake followers. Orders here have an instant delivery assurance, although completion time depends on how big or small the order placed is. You can expect your delivery to be completed within a day or two if you buy 100 TikTok followers here.

21. SocialBoostUp

If you are shopping for overall account growth alongside fast delivery of genuine fans, the development services of SocialBoostUp may be just for you! At $2.89, you can receive 100 active fans within 24 hours with complete privacy protection and 24/7 customer care. As the company mentions on its site, making a purchase here is a guaranteed easy route to pushing one’s content upon the visibility charts of TikTok and creating room for self-promotion and brand reputation.

22. Celebian

Getting your TikTok account an impressive follower count is no easy task. Celebian provides the much-needed ease of quality services to help you ace the social media marketing game for TikTok. The excellent customer support team will guide you through everything you need to know to purchase followers for your account. Every package is competitively priced and has an instant start for delivery once it is ordered. But 100 TikTok followers for $4.99 only and give your profile the boost in the fan count you are looking for.

23. TokMatik

If buying TikTok followers is a crucial part of your social media marketing strategy, TokMatik may be one of the best sites for shopping at. Most packages here have an instant delivery or money-back guarantee offer. Purchase followers with ease from this well-encrypted website. All TikTok services here have been earning appreciative reviews from customers. As for pricing, you can buy real TikTok followers without burning a hole in your pocket. One hundred fans cost $4.99 only.

24. TokCaptain

TokCaptain promises an overall TikTok growth if you invest in their genuine follower packages. Safe and inexpensive, the website requires you to fill in an order form to ensure you are receiving active targeted followers as part of your order fulfillment. A high-quality package of 100 followers costs $2.99 here and is delivered within 1-2 days. A premium-quality package of 100 costs $5.99 and takes the same time to get filled. The premium package enhances your organic reach and growth. No matter which type of followers you choose, you won’t be provided bot followers, and you have access to a 24/7 customer service system should you encounter any problems with your order at any given time.

25. TokFam

For instant delivery of 100 followers at €4.09, TokFam is one of the best sites to shop for genuine TikTok fans. The site has several discounts on various packages at any given time, so you may benefit more if you decide to buy followers in bulk here. Like most other trusted sites, you will never have to tell your TikTok password while buying followers, nor will any sensitive financial information ever be stored when you make a purchase. Buy real TikTok followers here to provide fast delivery services and excellent client support.

Why Concentrate on Improving Your TikTok Follower Counts: A Basic Guide

TikTok is one of the most widely used social media content-sharing apps of the day. Because the TikTok algorithm determines your popularity and reaches based on your active engagement rate. Having a significant number of real followers on the account certainly helps you gain credibility on this platform.

Hence, building a brand name for oneself here is not only about gaining popularity and trending at the top of the charts. It’s also about reaching the right demographic and earning from your posts for healthy social media growth. To this end, one must focus on enhancing the right social signals to get the TikTok algorithms working in their favor, and you could even consider investing in TikTok services for this purpose.

Gaining fans naturally can be a slow and tedious process. When creating TikTok content is to enhance brand value and even earn something out of it, buying organic followers can certainly help keep you on track with your social media marketing goals. However, like most things, there is the good and the bad with buying subscribers for your TikTok profile.

Here are some ways you will gain if you buy TikTok followers

  • Purchase followers from a site that lets you define your target audience, and you will see your TikTok profile achieve an overall social media growth. On most social media platforms, an increase in fan count attracts curiosity and thus naturally increases engagement and views. If you buy TikTok followers, you may see the same happen with your content.
  • Real followers act as a magnet for more followers as they naturally provide you with social media promotion and reach. Following from above, when other users view your content out of curiosity, they may decide you are worth subscribing to. This is how you buy TikTok followers, and you offset the potential of your account to attract more fans organically.
  • An increase in TikTok followers accompanied by an increase in engagement rate can make your content trend and even go viral. Buy followers as part of a social media growth service for optimum benefits.
  • When you have many genuine TikTok followers on your profile, it becomes easier to meet eligibility requirements for monetizing your content. Concentrate on gaining more followers organically but buy followers if needed after determining you are not buying bots.

Here are some ways you may be at a disadvantage if you buy TikTok followers

  • The addition of fake accounts to your fan count can bring a reputation drop instead of helping you gain popularity on social media sites. TikTok is no exception.
  • If you do not achieve real followers from a purchase, the sudden increase in suspicious fans on your account can bring you under TikTok’s scrutiny as well for fraudulent practices. So be cautious when you buy TikTok followers and make sure you have done your homework on the sellers before investing your money in their social media services.
  • Buying TikTok services can lead to identity theft if you are not careful about shopping from a site that affords complete privacy protection. Buy TikTok followers from a trusted site only.

Any Other Helpful Pointers About TikTok Followers?

Many people want to know if there is a quick and cheap way to increase one’s followers; well, yes, you can find several genuine websites that provide instant delivery on very affordable priced natural TikTok follower bundles. After all, it doesn’t cost much to buy faithful followers, and you can find 100 authentic followers that will get delivered within a day for a dollar or two if you are shopping at the right places. The question one should ask here is how to sustain and build on the brand growth such investment brings to your account.

Here Are a Few Tips to Get More Out of the Investment You Make in TikTok Followers

Buying TikTok services is a breeze on most websites that sell any form of social media growth signals, but it is not enough to buy followers. You must ensure your TikTok account has a great social media promotion strategy to attract a target audience and organic engagement simultaneously. The process for trending on popular social media platforms is more or less the same: concentrate on improving your real engagement rate. So, if you are putting in money to get more TikTok followers, be sure to create excellent content that will make your organic fans want to like, share and interact with it.

How do you determine the authenticity of a seller? How can you distinguish reputable companies from fraudulent ones?

With so many touts masquerading as sellers of real followers for TikTok, half the battle of finding the right package lies in determining the genuineness of the site you are making your purchase from. Some things that can help you in this research before you buy followers include:

  1. Checking for how long the business has been about and how well-received it is among other TikTokers.
  2. Reading all available fine print on the website ensures the service provider violates no TikTok protocols.
  3. Checking if the payment routes are privacy protected.
  4. Check what data you need to provide for buying followers. A genuine company will not ask you for your TikTok password at any point in the transaction.
  5. Purchasing small orders of TikTok fans to see the quality of service before putting in bulk orders.

Is it enough to buy TikTok followers? Is investing in a growth service a more beneficial choice?

While buying TikTok followers is a quick and easy solution to solving the problem of stagnation in growth, letting your account have a boost in its organic reach without the use of paid services is always preferable. The best way to grow your TikTok fans is to:

  1. Focus on creating quality content that interests your target market. This will naturally draw genuine followers to your content.
  2. Crosspost on other networks to bring maximum organic audience traffic.
  3. Make effective use of hashtags like “FYP.”
  4. Get your account verification, so the platform’s algorithms give your content visibility preference.
  5. Interact with the content of other TikTokers to create strong social and business relationships.

Additionally, you can try out a growth service if doing all of the above feels very cumbersome or if you are very time-pressed and need professional help. Using a growth service will benefit you by:

  • Bringing you followers from a target audience more suited for your brand growth.
  • Grow your organic reach and presence by allotting you some personnel/ an account manager who will take care of all your marketing needs after performing an account audit and considering all your niche goals.

A growth service definitely will bring more to your account than real active followers, but whether you should prefer one over the other depends on your marketing strategy and needs.

What People Frequently Ask Before Purchasing TikTok Followers’ Packages

What’s the typical delivery time?

You must clarify whether the package you choose for purchase delivers all the new followers on your TikTok account at once or makes a gradual drip delivery. In both cases knowing the estimated delivery time works to your advantage as you can plan the rest of your TikTok brand management accordingly. If you check the sites we reviewed for you, on average, a small bundle of followers typically gets delivered within a day. Still, if you are purchasing a more significant order of TikTok followers, you can expect the delivery to get filled at a slower rate.

Are these real accounts?

This is something you must use your discretion and judgment about. Several sellers claim they provide real followers, but only a handful will source genuine TikTok profiles to fulfill subscribers’ orders. To ensure you are being given legit and active followers, do a background check on the company before you place an order. Some things that will particularly help you with your decision to buy followers include:

  • The pricing of packages and their comparative rate in the market.
  • Reviews left by real customers
  • The security of payment portals used by the company and their privacy protection policy.
  • The quality of customer support provided
  • The verification of the business as a genuine social media service provider.

Is the public setting of my TikTok account a necessary prerequisite to buying TikTok followers?

Most sellers will ask you to turn your TikTok account settings to “public” to deliver followers to your TikTok profile. You may have to keep the settings public until the entire delivery is completed. Once you see the requisite number added to your follower count, you can change your settings back to private if needed.

How can I start earning from TikTok?

Monetizing TikTok content can be a great idea to identify your niche and have a successful marketing strategy to improve your organic reach among new audiences. You need to join the TikTok Creator’s Marketplace to find sponsorship and campaigns to work on. A prerequisite for joining this marketplace is to have a minimum of 100,000 followers. Buy followers to reach this fan count faster, but invest only in authentic TikTok followers.

Is it safe to buy TikTok followers?

If you purchase from a service provider who provides genuine fans, buying TikTok followers is safe. Be sure that in addition to filling in real followers, the site does not ask for a password or store your credit card information to prevent any risks of identity theft later. The companies reviewed here, for instance, do not flaunt any rules put forward by TikTok, and hence you will not get into legal trouble if you purchase from places like these.

What are the drawbacks of buying TikTok followers?

Like all paid social media promotions, you are purchasing TokTok followers, too could backfire on you if you do not plan your overall TikTok marketing right:

  • You could lose TikTok visibility if your engagement rate does not increase simultaneously. With a mere addition in fan count only, your engagement rate will go down if added followers do not actively interact with your content.
  • When your fans continue to increase with little or no corresponding increase in engagement, existing loyal followers may start suspecting you have bought followers, and this can lead to a decrease in your credibility quotient as a TikTok user.
  • If your order gets filled with fake accounts, you can land into trouble with social media sites like TikTok and even face a ban.

What does the “Popular Creator” badge mean in TikTok?

TikTok awards the “Popular Creator” badge to account holders who consistently produce authentic and premium quality videos, which are well received by other users. You should not use any copyrighted material in your videos and be unique in creating captions and hashtags that accompany your content to get this badge on your TikTok account.

What does the Blue Tick next to one’s TikTok account signify?

The Blue Tick is TikTok’s verification badge for its users. It gives you credibility and puts you in a better spot for getting sponsors as your content gets priority in featuring on visibility charts. The process of getting a Blue Tick is still not crystal clear but gaining new active followers daily seems to help people gain it faster.

What is the acronym FYP? Does it seem to be a common abbreviation in TikTok?

FYP is short for “For Your Page.” TikTok algorithms put together an individualized list of videos for your feed keeping in mind your past TikTok activities. These posts may not be by people you follow but are similar to the type of videos you have engaged with. You can call it TikTok’s list of recommended content put together especially for you.


If creating micro-videos is your forte, you have indeed tried out TikTok, the fun social networking service. It’s a great space to showcase creativity and monetize content if one is serious about earning through this social networking platform.

Growing your follower count on TikTok requires much planning and thought. With the right strategy in place, you can achieve your desired fan strength in a fast, effective, and time-saving manner. The moot point here is to use innovative techniques and make prudent use of your budget for TikTok growth. Buying real, active, and legit followers can help you reach the popularity you strive for, but you have to plan your purchase right and team it up with incredible content creation and brand-building strategies. As long as you keep on the right side of social media laws, paying for the organic growth of your TikTok account is harmless and can help you monetize your account faster than most others. Do not be afraid to experiment and test out paid signals if need be.