How to Buy Twitter Followers That Are Real

October 29, 2021 2:03 pm

Written by Bradley Henris

Today, Twitter is one of the largest social media networks, with millions of users communicating and sharing news and opinions. It is a business hub that has driven brand growth and created communities with colossal potential and influence. Twitter has established itself as a platform where the numbers matter, whether followers, retweets, or likes. Your online reputation and authority are strutted by how other users engage with your content, service, or product is. With limited text, hidden wit and satire, impatient scrollers, and a community unafraid to share its opinion, gaining social proof and thriving on the platform will take more than the occasional like, retweet, or new real active fan if you are to build an image.

For most Twitter users, follower growth tends to hit a plateau, and it stalls. Luckily, you can buy Twitter followers, as is the case with other social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram, but there’s a catch; buying fake followers could damage your account reputation and see you lose more than a few bucks. You have to get exemplary service, which involves knowing how to choose suitable Twitter follower packages.

  • Twitter is a large platform with content on a variety of topics. To keep up with what’s happening around them, users follow hashtags on topics that interest them.
    Hashtags supplement the already curated feed that Twitter has worked to make as specific as possible. So, take advantage of your tweets to get more fans.
    Twitter users have different tastes, and their feed is a platter on which they can get updates on other stories from sports to celeb gossip and product launches.

Getting your content to the right audience
would require you to either be one of their subscribers or use a hashtag to get more active subscribers to engage with your content and get more authority. But generating hashtags and getting them to trend isn’t easy. The option to buy Twitter subscribers is a surefire way to spur the growth of your platform, as well as get more engagement and credibility.

Why Does Having Many Followers Matter?

A social media platform does more than get its users to talk; it builds a customer base, search engine ranking, and brand awareness among billions of users worldwide.

  • A bigger audience

Organic growth through having more followers drives engagement rates for your content. For an entrepreneur, engagement on Twitter and having more real users commenting, liking, following, retweeting, or sharing your posts means additional traffic to your website or e-commerce platform.

You want real subscribers and not just bots engaging with your content. Organic traffic from your subscribers usually means your posts are read by the right target audience already familiar with your niche. When you buy Twitter followers cheap, it gives you a chance to grow your community with more active fan-base and potential customers.

The upside is that people talk; real fans are more likely to recommend you to their friends or colleagues if they find your content intriguing and exciting. For serious growth, you have to go beyond engaging with only your friends and family on Twitter. You need to gain traction with the right users from all over and convert them to subscribers. But it isn’t always easy to build your fan-base fast enough. When desperation kicks in, most unsuspecting businesses and account owners decide to buy Twitter followers cheap in the hopes of getting more engagement within a shorter time.

  • Strength in numbers

For businesses, brands, and even public personalities, your online presence is merely a game of numbers. The larger the figures, the more essential people place on your particular profile. High-quality subscribers put you ahead of the others and even get the word out that many other users trust your opinions, products, or wit. This could mean more money, endorsements as an influencer of other brands, or wielding an idea large enough to sway others.

Social media today is awash, with other users looking to stand behind something more powerful than themselves. If a particular user presents themselves as a fighter for what’s good but only has less than 50 followers, many users won’t be inclined to give them much thought. Another account within the same niche but with 3000 followers is more likely to influence more users to follow them and even spread their message.

  • Growth even outside Twitter

Subscribers can quickly change the status of any brand or personality. It is often assumed that the more active fans one has, the more powerful their message is. Brands have leveraged their fans to build their customer base. With more engaged fans, it’s easier to grow to an even higher level because people want to follow in others’ footsteps. Organic growth may not work out well or become profitable for most brands; buying subscribers is a workaround that earns you the same buzz without struggling.

Twitter is a goldmine with plenty opportunities, but so is the competition. Instant gratification in today’s social media networks isn’t guaranteed; people are more likely to follow what other people like. To grow, you have to show people that others also trust you.

The crowd you meet on Facebook, Instagram, or Reddit differs from the people you find on Twitter. People are not the same, and tastes differ when it comes to social media consumption. Some people spend more time on Twitter than Facebook; this provides a unique opportunity to branch out your social media marketing strategy on all flanks.

Should You Buy Twitter Followers?

The reputation surrounding buying Twitter followers paints a bad picture of an otherwise strategic move. Most people feel that buying subscribers is cheating and dishonest. This perspective could be proper when account owners buy the numbers and fill their fan base with inactive, fake accounts. Done the right way, with the right company, buying of followers involves scouring analytics and tracking engagements to find people that would appreciate your content and then connect with them. Buying subscribers gives organic Twitter follower growth a big, pricey push.

  • It’s a lot easier and takes less time

Gaining subscribers through the traditional way of creating and sharing great content, retweeting people’s posts with witty comments, and being the first to post the latest industry news is not only infinitely exhausting, but it’s also draining. It also takes much longer to gain actual followers and even keep them because eventually, you’ll burn out.

Buying followers get you to your ideal follower count for less than the price of a content creator on retainer and within the shortest time. When you buy Twitter followers cheap, you have tons of options to choose from, including sellers on freelance websites or companies with unique offerings that promise many followers at prices that can’t be beaten.

  • Higher engagement rates

The rewards from the decision to buy real Twitter followers could do wonders for your brand and personal organic growth. More fans mean that your content can reach more people, change more lives and even give you a platform to promote affiliate products or services that you feel others would love. More fans mean more likes, retweets, shares, comments, engagements, all part of a natural way to build your community. Social proof through a cohesive, loyal community of followers solidifies your social media network’s presence.

  • Your reputation counts

Twitter is run by those with a formidable reputation online. The authority enjoyed by accounts with hundreds of thousands, if not millions of subscribers, is coveted by most. For businesses, having more real subscribers means your brand is given the approval of other netizens as being reliable. Target audiences on Twitter base their affiliation with a business on the number of people they know who also follow them. The stronger your reputation, the easier it is for more people to join the bandwagon and follow you because they wouldn’t want to miss out on updates.

Why Should You Buy Real Twitter Followers?

Here’s where you have to be very careful. Buying followers can go either of two ways. You sign up with a scammer and end up with generated fake Twitter followers who are nothing but inactive bot accounts. Fake Twitter followers can dent your reputation since they bloat your numbers but don’t bring any engagement to your account. Some offers have upgraded to fake subscribers complete with filled profiles and bios but inactive at best.

Buying real subscribers is preferred despite not being as cheap as the fake subscribers. They are targeted followers sourced from sorting through user accounts with interests inclined with your brand or message and automatically following them, hoping that they will get them to follow back. Targeted fans are preferred because you gain a target audience that already subscribes to content similar to what you offer, making engagement and winning them over much more accessible.

Is It Safe To Buy Twitter Followers?

Companies that sell Twitter followers take time to establish security policies that protect client data during their contracts. Their security covers their site features like ways to pay and account details of their customers. While this is the expectation, some less than reputable sites may not be secure enough and fall prey to hacking, spamming, or phishing attacks.

Your security begins with you. Staying vigilant when buying followers will keep your account information safe from hackers and spamming attacks. Be careful of which data you reveal to the company; this includes passwords and personal information that is not important to perform the service. If your gut feeling tells you that you are sharing more information than you should, stop the process and change/replace the information to keep your account secure.

Losing account to malicious persons will damage your reputation. The downside to buying fake followers is that you can end up with bot accounts with evil intent that could infect your devices with viruses or siphon data. We’ve all met spam messages and posts from funds of persons we trusted to be upstanding. Don’t place yourself in a compromising position that puts your network, community, and sensitive info at risk; you may end up having to pay a lot more than the price to gain real Twitter followers.

Best Sites to Buy Twitter Followers

Tempting as it is to get thousands of followers overnight, overexcitement could see you end up with bots and fake followers if you aren’t too careful when choosing who to buy Twitter followers from. You can get real Twitter followers interested in your content niche. Since Twitter has content for just about anything, you want to target the right users. Common vendors are:

  1. SocialBoss

SocialBoss is an organic Twitter growth service. It’s known for rising client’s profiles with real Twitter followers, motivating other users actually interact with posts. They are top of the list of organic Twitter growth service companies that give customers real Twitter followers. They have established themselves as a trustworthy and reputable seller that doesn’t dabble in the risky business of fake followers and bot accounts. They market their follower plans as authentic, genuine, and active accounts that do more than pump up the numbers. Also, the platform provides professional account management based on strategic engagement solutions and presents your content to the right audience.

SocialBoss has different pricing plans to match your short-term or long-term growth needs. No matter what plan you select, you will get moderate growth speed, real followers, and a fully managed service. Their team of professionals will make sure you receive the order on time enjoying all advantages of the purchase, and advanced targeting solutions as part of their Twitter strategy.

  1. Viplikes

Viplikes delivers a consistent service that has outsmarted Twitter’s algorithms to drive organic follower growth while staying within daily engagement limits. Viplikes claims to effortlessly grow your Twitter profile and follower count by adding real users.

Viplikes provides organic Twitter growth service by targeting subscribers within your niche and actively engaging them. They take over the hassle of spending hours finding followers and engaging with their posts. You can expect a service that doesn’t meddle with bots and spam accounts. Use this helpful account manager to get subscribers of high quality, staying ensured your tweets will be seen by target audience.

  1. Appsally

They are a company that stands out as being an all-rounder. They offer exclusive social signals not just on Twitter but also on other platforms like Instagram. Appsally promises real fans who will be genuinely interested in your content. They provide subscribers with real and active Twitter accounts and are compliant with Twitter regulations.

Appsally offers different packages from 200 to 3000+ fans delivered to your account. Their service offering also includes Twitter likes and Twitter retweets if you also need a boost in your tweets. You also get a 24/7 support team and the option to spread the offer to other social media networks.

  1. Sidesmedia

They present themselves as being able to provide their clients with social media exposure and a real active community of subscribers. Their proposals are customized for clients of varying needs, and they offer a 72-hour delivery that ensures your order gets unpacked as soon as possible when you buy Twitter followers from them. They have vast social networks of real and active users who become your loyal fans. Here, you can easily order cheap Twitter followers and get a real bargain for your money.

They place the security and reputation of their clients first, underscored by a large number of partners active on Twitter and other social media sites. They offer advanced targeting features and support across all popular platforms. The regular subscribers package gets you a targeted audience, fully managed service, and cancellation at any time. The Pro plan brings regular, plus more exposure, priority support team, and a 10-week minimum term.

  1. Useviral

They’ve been in the game for quite a while and have enough experience to know what works and to stay away from any risks to your account. They are an organic Twitter growth service that puts you in front of your target audience. Useviral has also partnered up with Twesocial to ensure that they can give clients the best Twitter-centric growth. Their packs, therefore, bear a resemblance in offerings. On top of growing your account by buying Twitter followers, Useviral provides tips and information on engaging with other real users and growing your follower count organically. They also offer social signals for other social media accounts.

Can I Choose The Type Of Followers I Want?

When buying Twitter followers, most companies offer them in set packages with a defined number of followers ranging anywhere from 100-5,000 or more. Each package is priced differently, and you need to take time to be sure of the type of followers you are getting. With the rise of automation and bots over the past years, most sites will sell you bots masquerading as real Twitter followers. While they increase your numbers, they land you in Twitter’s crosshairs and set the account up for getting flagged or banned. Twitter has a strict policy against any bots and automation on its site. While the numbers increase through fake Twitter followers, your Twitter engagement scores will take a hit.

Geo-targeting is getting followers that are real users from a specific geographic or demographic area that matches your brand needs and marketing strategy. It allows you to get followers who are already part of your niche market and provide an audience already familiar with your product or service. Different follower providers offer to target. You can buy Twitter followers on any niche from business and finance, current events, news and sports, science and technology, entertainment, fitness, and personal growth. Targeted followers’ options get you real fans, who will actively interact with your posts to match the content their feed is tuned into.

How To Buy Twitter Followers That Are Real?

Buying Twitter followers is a straightforward process regardless of the company you choose to work with. The technicalities of the process will largely depend on the type of service offered, whether it is organic Twitter follower growth or Twitter follower packs already generated.

The Steps When Buying Twitter Followers Include:

  • Analysis and selection of the package or plan. You have to pay great attention to details when choosing the provider from which to buy cheap Twitter followers. Check out the company’s website, their social media accounts and go through user reviews to verify if the company is legit. Select and compare the different service offerings available that suit your goals and schedules. Choose a plan that offers you the best option within your budget, or start with the regular offers to get used to the provider before upgrading. Look at the FAQs, legal disclaimers, security policies, and anything that affects your purchase and contract.
  • Checking out. Once you are settled on the package that suits you, you complete the final process using the provided payment methods. Depending on the plan you choose, packaged Twitter followers will need you to submit basic account information like your account handle to enable the delivery of the followers. If you decide to have an organic Twitter follower service, you will need to provide a lot more account information, including personal details like the password to your account.
  • Initiating helpful and effective services. Organic Twitter follower growth requires the account manager to perform actions in your account on your behalf. They need access to your account to be able to engage with targeted users and followers that are real. This differentiates the two services; they don’t need login details to your account when dealing with package delivery. Such services will require a one-time login password to access your account and apply their targeted follower growth strategy. The set-up process will begin after you provide details on your desired target audience and niche with an account manager service.
  • Depending on the requirements, some services will have you pay after the delivery is done. This is common for one-time Twitter followers package purchases. If you are paying in installments, as is the case for organic follower growth services, the recurring charge will be billed according to your chosen plan. And that’s it; you now have to wait for the growth to begin.

Take time to engage account management tools to get real-time metrics on how things are working out for you and whether the service was worth it.

What to Look Out For When Buying Twitter Followers

Fake followers can do more harm than good to your account. After you have managed to clear out the tons of fake followers and spam accounts, you still have to rebuild your follower-to-engagement ratio, assuming the Twitter algorithm hasn’t buried your account yet. You also risk losing the few organic followers you started with, not to mention if Twitter will not have stopped your account altogether for spamming.

So, while it looks like an inexpensive way to “get attention,” you should be wary of buying fake followers from companies with a bad reputation.

For real results, get real followers who are active on Twitter. The quick fix doesn’t do much in the way of growing your Twitter community. The other option is organic Twitter growth services, sure, it might take your account some time to get to where you want, but it’s worth it. You can get followers who will like, comment, retweet, and share your tweets-what you really wish to.

The most significant caveat to getting fake followers is that eventually, Twitter algorithms will catch up with you. They are smart enough to figure out that your Twitter following isn’t natural. The result is getting your account severely limited or deleted for violating the Twitter terms of service. Social media sites pride themselves on giving users a great experience. Working with companies that understand this and provide strategies that don’t compromise your account will help you get more Twitter followers in the right way.

Choosing Organic Growth

Suppose you aren’t sold on the idea of buying Twitter followers to boost your follower count. In that case, your remaining option is to go the traditional way and gain organic followers by engaging with users and posting content that gets people talking, liking, retweeting, and sharing. Going organic will also require you to cross-promote, harness the magic of hashtags and get familiar with posting exciting, diverse content that your potential fans will want to keep up with. While the rush and ego stroke of seeing your numbers increase by thousands will take a lot more time to come by, your patience could pay off and spur even more growth.

With so much competition on Twitter, giving yourself a little boost by buying new followers is a welcome respite. But whatever your choice is, you have to remember that you have to be informed about followers and engagement boosts. Do your research on all the websites and choose one that matches your goals before buying quality subscribers. The downside of making a wrong choice could cost you a lot more than you’re willing to lose, do your due diligence, and stay within the Twitter guidelines.